Annie: LaughingMature

I'm perched at the edge of the dance floor watching the dance battle and mostly laughing. Rosalita and the rest of the group she's apart of are very cheeky.

Then the group they're battling seem very...... Well, sort of mocking. From there faces I can tell they think they are going to win but they also notice its not going that way.

So when it ends with Rosalita and the group winning they are pissed off. Really pissed off. The leader of the opposing group marches up to Rosalita then.... Smack!

I jump up and march across the room. I grab the man who punch Rosalita by his neck and slam him up to the wall. "Don't dare do that again" I hiss. I bring my knee up and he curls up on himself falling to the floor as I move back to Rosalita.

She's holding her nose and blood pour out from between her fingers. "Let me see" I say tilting up her face. I notice the other group back off. "Here"

I pull out a tissue from my pocket and press it to Rosalita's nose. The group come up. "You should get home, Rosa" one of the girls, Missy, says.

"I'll get her home" I say wrapping my arm around Rosalita's waist and helping her out of the dance studio. I hail down a cab and we make it back to the apartment.

"I'll get you an ice pack" I say running off to the kitchen. I hear the door close behind me. I turn to see Rosalita in the doorway.

"Hey, lets fix you up" I smile then walk over.

The End

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