Cane- Dragged Around By DrewMature

I don't think this is what Cayden and Maxxie were thinking when they spoke of "celebrating", so how was it that I was in the corner of the same damn club as always, sipping beer, watching Cayden and Maxxie grudgingly sitting slightly away from me, sipping something strong, watching Drew giggle about on the dance floor...I think she thought she was dancing. I wonder if she knew that she looked like an overly spastic female, suffering from Parkinson’s.

Let’s see, I remember that woman grabbing all three of by the neck, (that woman's arms are strong), and making up some excuse for why all four of us had to celebrate together. Apparently, she wanted to celebrate-

1)  The new talent (Maxxie) Who she nick-named " Blond Kid number 2" (BKN2 for short)

2) Cayden being reasonable and (I quote) "A God sent savoir", by allowing her to find this " Blond Kid number 2"

3) My narrow escape from being screwed over royally.

4) Her new Cell phone.

So than why was it that only she was enjoying herself, after all, I always hold this little celebration for myself all alone, so it was nothing special for me.

"Ok!" Cayden finally got up from his seat. "We're escaping before that woman gets back." He said taking Maxxie by arm.

"Ok." I answered and continued sipping my beer.

"You not leaving?" He asked

"Nope. It's fine, I always celebrate everything like this." I looked at them and smiled. "Thanks for not screwing me over, I still owe you'll." I said looking back into my drink.

"What about birthdays?" Maxxie asked slightly jokingly. "Let me guess, you get a cake to the bar, and eat it while sipping beer?" I could tell he meant it as a joke. My face grew hot. That's exactly what I did. I just buried my face in my glass and began gulping down to avoid his question. Somehow, I had just realized how pathetic that sounded.

"Wait, you actually-"His face was somewhere in between amused and pitying, I could tell he needed to laugh, but out of good manners, decided not to. Luckily Drew cut him off before he could say any more.

"OY!" She was slightly drunk. "Seems you kids read my mind! I was just getting up to leave. I got the whole day planned out for us!" I felt the blood drain from my face. The other two caught the alarm that had spread across my face, as they once again, dragged along by Drew. 



The End

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