Annie: Baby LoveMature

Rosalita saying our baby gave me the shivers. Problem was... "I should tell Johnathen" I whisper.

Rosalita strokes my cheek. "You don't have to not after what he did to you" Rosalita insists. I nod.

"But..... I would feel bad. I just need to tell him. Then I can contact some people and get the rights signed over to me" I say organising it in my head as I speak.

Rosalita nods. "Okay" She whisper kissing the top of my head. I pull away and move out of the room. I flick open my phone.

Then find Johnathen's number which is burrowed in my contacts. I press call and put the phone to my ear.

Ring, Ring..... Ring, Ring......

"I knew you would call" I tense at the sound of Johnathen's voice.

"I'm only calling to tell you something" I choke out.

"What? That you want more. I'll give it to you Annie" Johnathen teases. I mean I can hear his boastful attitude.

"No, Johnathen. I want you to stay out of my life...... and the child that I carry. Stay away from both of us" I say quietly.

Johnathen bursts out laughing. "No way, you're already pregnant. No... you got pregnant on the first go"

He continues to laugh and I feel anger inside of me. "Listen Johnathen, you will stay away from me and you will not touch my child" I hiss.

"I have much of a right to it as you do. Why don't you just crawl back and there wont be any arguing?"

"No Johnathen. You won't have a right once I'm finished" I hiss. Then I snap the phone shut and spin round to stare shocked at Rosalita watching me with wide eyes.

"That was so hot" She says walking up to me and tilting my neck up to kiss me passionately as she presses me up against the wall.

The End

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