Playing a dad in a heteronormative family for an advert about play-doh hadn't exactly been my idea of an ideal acting job. But Cayden somehow makes it all seem okay, holding my hand as I'm led onto the set where the woman playing my ‘wife' and the kids are already waiting.

I'm given my lines and told how to talk to the kids and how to interact with my ‘wife' and told to rehearse. I think the only reason I don't vomit in my mouth at having to happily kiss my ‘wife' while the kids are occupied by the product we're advertising is because Cay is sitting where I can see him, smiling.

That and the fact I can remember the way he dragged me back to bed after Blondie and his agent left.


My mind begins to wander and I catch myself staring at Cay when I should be re-reading my script. I cough and pretend I have something in my eye, rubbing at it as I turn back to the kids. The kids are actually pretty cute; it's just pretending to be a straight, married guy that's bugging me.

Anyways, I somehow manage to keep my disgust for heterosexual society at bay, surprising even myself as I watch back what they recorded to see that actually, I look like I'm happy enough to be there and especially happy that the kids are having oh-so-much fun with their blobs of chemicals.

Blondie's agent, Drew, grins at me, and she gives me a hefty pat on the back.

"Nice one, kid. I was kinda worried you wouldn't pull it off, what with being with him an' all," she jabs her thumb at Cay, who's got his arms around me, hugging me from behind watching the footage over my shoulder. "It's up to the director to decide if you're good enough, but what with it all being on such a tight schedule, I think they'll take you." I smile at her and turn in Cay's arms, hugging him back.

"Thanks for using his offer of anything on me," I mumble into his chest, "you really didn't have to," though I'm glad he did, even if the whole family picture made me queasy.

"You're more than welcome to make it up to me again," he laughs, his eyes turning smoky again, and I laugh too.

"Maybe later. I don't think I've ever met anyone with such an over active sex drive as you," I smile and poke him in the chest gently.

"What can I say? I'm just that awesome." Mmm, that's one word for it. I giggle and kiss him warmly.

"That you are," I agree and barely notice the director behind me until he coughs politely and taps my shoulder. I jump about a mile in the air and turn to face him.

Cayden almost pisses himself laughing and I slap his arm with a childish scowl "don't laugh."

"Um, you got the part," he says, trying to smother a laugh, "we'll send your payment through Drew and keep hold of your details, in case we need you again," he smiles and walks off and I squeal excitedly.

"Did you hear that?! They're keeping my details in case they need me again," I bounce and bear hug him, "yay!" he chuckles and tells me we need to go celebrate. The guy read my mind. "Drinks are on me," I wink.


The End

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