Annie: LoveMature

I sat shocked. Looking at her. "Um" Oh god. I jumped up and pulled her into my arms.

I kissed down her neck and I felt my clothes being tugged off. I know I didn't give her an answer but I think I made my desision very clear.

I pulled her down on top of me on the bed when she finished tugging off my clothes. Then I winced against the bruise on my back.

But it doesn't hinder me for the rest of the morning


At a little bit after midday I find myself pressed up against Rosalita. But there is a look of terror on her sleeping face.

"Rosalita" I whisper putting a hand on to her cheek. She bolts up into a sitting position. She looks down at me then sighs.

"I had a nightmare you left me" She whispers.

"I would never" I say entwining her fingers with mine. She smiles then gets up moving to the door but grabbing a night gown.

"I'll make us lunch" She says smiling back at me. She leaves and I take my time getting into a short dress..... quite loose.

I go into the kitchen and Rosalita moves round it. I sit down at the table. "Rosalita" I say, she turns to look at me. "What do you think I should do about the baby?"

I press my hands to my stomach and look down.

The End

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