"Oh my god" I whisper.

Pregnant? Pregnant? How can she be pregnant? Didn't he care enough to use protection? Of course he didn't. I let the test slip from my hands. It clattered on the floor. I heard the cubicle unlock, and Annie came out. I was still staring at my hands. She put her hand on my shoulder.

"Get off me!" I pulled away.


"Just leave me alone." She took a step towards me. "just leave me alone!" She ran out crying. I slumped to the floor. Staring ahead. Somehow I got out of the bathroom, and drove home. Annie wasn't in. I stripped, then realised a piece of card had slipped out of my bra. I picked it up.

Cassy's number.

I dialled.


"Cassy" I whispered.

"Rosa? Come to your senses?"

"Starlight club, tonight. Eight pm."

"God I love it when you order." She hung up and I got in to the sluttiest thing I owned. Then I was out the door.

The club was alive and kicking. I downed several shots before Cassy arrived. She pulled me out to the dance floor and we danced for hours. I was drunk, when she finally pulled me out of the club and in to a cab. She layed me on the seat and straddled my hips. She kissed me until we reached her house, and then she pulled me out and in to the house. First, she had me on the sofa, and then we made it on to the floor, then in to the bedroom. From there we went to the kitchen, then on to ehr table, and finally back in to her bed again.

When I woke up in the morning, she was kissing my back.

"You are amazing." she whispered. She flipped me over and straddled me again.

"Wait! What happened?"

"Let me remind you." She began kissing me, then pulled me out of bed. Leading me naked around the house, at each point that we had made love she would kiss me, until I was felt like I was covered in the marks. And then we appeared back in to her bedroom, and she layed me down, still stunned, and made love to me again. I curled up when it was finished, and  she stroked my arm.

"Did you enjoy that?"

I sat up sharply. "I can't believe I just did that."

"But you liked it?"

"Yes, who wouldn't?" She grinned and tried to pull me down again, but I threw her hand off. "But I was thinking of Annie the whole time." She looked gobsmacked.

"But she's just a girl!"

"No, you're just a girl. She's my girlfriend." I grabbed my clothes and slung them on. "Don't ever talk to me again." I ran out of the house and straight over to a taxi, giving him my address. When I reached home I ran in, and found Annie lying on the bed.

"What happened?" she said, sitting up.

"I slept with Cassy." She paused, then started crying. "But I was mad. I know, I know I've done wrong. But I left her, because I realised I love you. It's always been you Annie." She stared up at me, eyes wet but no longer crying. "Will you have me back?"

"I..." I didn't wait for an answer, stripping off in front of her.

"This is all I can give you beside my heart. Is it enough for you Annie?" I waited for her as she stared at me.

The End

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