Annie: No, No, NoMature

When Rosalita got real bizzy I slipped out. I know it may sound weird but I went straight to the chemist.

Then I went back to the set and to the toilets. Which is were I find myself now. Sitting on the lid of the toilet staring at the test in my hands. "No, No, No" I choke out in pain.

Theres a knock on the door and the test slips from my hands as I jump. "Annie! You in there?"

Its Rosalita. I tremble and feel fear rise inside me. I can't tell her. I mean...... Its not possible. I don't even know why I took a stupid test. Its only been two days. Surely..... No.

"I'm here" I whisper. I pull my legs up onto the seat of the toilet.

"Are you okay Annie?" Rosalita says. "The person who saw you come in here said you looked frightened"

"I'm fine" I say simply. I can tell that doesn't stop her worry but if I said anymore she would notice the tremble in my voice.

"Um okay I'll just-" She stops then I know what she saw..... Cause I watch her pick it up.

Why did I leave it there?

"Oh my god" Rosalita whispers. Cause I know what she reads on the test...... One word that's shattered my soul....... pregnant.

The End

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