I dragged Annie to the set, refusing to let her be on her own. She sat in the corner of the makeup room while I waited for Megan. She came in grinning, then the grin widened as she saw Annie.

"Thank you for the story!" She ran over and hugged her. Annie shifted nervously but smiled back. Megan sat in the chair and chatted away to Annie and I before she was called to set.

And then Cassy came in. She saw Annie in the corner and went over.

"Hey, I'm Cassy. Are you Rosa's girlfriend?"

"Yes. Annie, pleased to meet you."

"Huh." She came over and sat in the chair, smiling up at me. I leaned over and began doing her makeup. "So, I see why you love her. She's pretty." Annie looked up startled.

"Yes, she is." I smiled at her and she smiled back. Then I turned my attention back to Cassy. "So what's the scene today?"

"It's the kissing scene." She winked at me where Annie couldn't see.

"Annie, would you mind going and getting me a drink babe?" I asked, putting some money in her hand. She smiled and disappeared. I turned to Cassy. "Now you watch it. My girlfriend has just been through something very traumatic, and she doesn't need you playing with her head."

"Who said it was her head I was playing with?" She stood up, pressing me against the wall. "I like you, and I'm not going to stop liking you." And then she kissed me. I pushed her back but she pulled me with her, so I was holding her against the door. She reached down and locked it. "All I ask..." she kissed me again and I sighed, parting my lips, "is for me to have you, just once, so I can show you what you're missing." Not waiting for my response, she swung me round so I was against the door, then her hand went down my trousers. I gasped, she moved, all the while letting kisses land on my neck, lips and chest.


"You don't want me too."

"Annie will be back soon..."

"That doesn't mean you don't want me to. Admit it. You've never stayed with one person for too long, and Annie is probably your longest relationship, is that right?"

"I've been with her for four days..."

"Is it" she emphasised with another push against the door, making me gasp again "your longest relationship?"

"Yes." I whispered, giving in to her. She moaned, then let go, stepping back.

"So give me a call." She unlocked the door, then went and sat back at the chair. When Annie came in a few minutes later, her makeup was finished and I had composed myself. I looked at her. She was my girlfriend, something I could never really have said about the other women I had been with. And I loved her, I was sure. But could I really keep it up? I felt the number card in my bra. I don't know.

The End

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