Cane- I'll Do AnythingMature

I've always wondered how a person would feel if they fell into a tiger's cage at the petting  zoo, well, no need to wonder any more, cause I just had....metaphorically speaking of course. I woke up on Cayden's couch (again) unable to recall the events of the past hour.....till I saw the expression on his face. Then, like a lightning bolt, everything shocked back into my brain. Shit. Why couldn't Drew have taken me home? I sat up, still dazed. Cayden's lips began to curl. If I had the guts, I would have run out screaming my ass off. But no, my body had to stay stiff on that spot.

"Apologise!" Drew muttered in my ear. After that, I don't know what spewed out of my mouth, I remember I was very inarticulate for a voice actor, I remember calling myself a bitchy-whorish-asshole, and I remember using the word sorry about ten thousand times, but I couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried, cause Cayden's face just kept curling up from angry to furious to "I want to kill this guy". Then (Thank you god!!) Maxxie, (I think that’s his name) clamped his hand over my mouth. My tongue stopped wagging.

"Shush. I don't care if you feel like a bitch; I don’t know about Cay, but I forgive you."Maxxie murttered before looking at Cayden for confirmation. The guy didn't say a word, though his face seemed to sober down a bit.

"What can I do to make it up to you. I'll do anything. You saved my life." I looked at Cayden pleadingly. He smiled an evil grin. I could tell he was actually thinking of something for me to do. His thoughts were distracted by Drew's annoying ringing mobile.

"Sorry little kids, but I got to take this." She said, as she casually flipped the lid of her phone.

"Yo, Bill, Got any news?" She asked, you could see her face grow angrier at Bill's reply."No, Bill, no. You know I don't like bad news. I hate bad news. Don't give me bad news Bill, I’ll kick your ass if this is bad news Bill." She hissed.

"Is..." Maxxie addressed me. He hesitated slightly, “Is that your mom?" He asked.

"No, she's my agent." I answered softly. If she was my mom....I think I would have been able to handle Cayden's punch better, and I probably wouldn't be so confused about my sexual orientation.

"Cane can't act!” She yelled. I heard someone stifle their laughter. I kept my head bent low. “He's the voice of your freaking clay-doh models, ya, but the kid can act as well as a freaking monkey!!" Drew yelled, wow, she had a lot of faith in me. "Where the fuck am I supposed to find an actor in one day, Bill, for your damn 'young dad’ role, huh?! Cant it just be a mom, a kid and his clay doh?!" The decibels in her voice began to rise higher. "WHERE, BILL!!" She yelled, "WHERE THE FUCK DO I GET YOU AN ACTOR IN 30 HOURS!!" she screamed, I covered my ears.

"Ouch...." Cayden muttered, as Drew smashed the phone on the floor. I watched It brake into tiny little pieces.

"Kid, I need a phone, we are going to choose a new phone together." It was more of an order than an offer.

"Drew, what happened?" I asked. She was silent for a bit, then she turned to look at me. "I need to get you another gig." She looked sympathetic. "The actor for the role of 'young dad' in your Play doh add, got sick or something. He can't act." She grinded her teeth as she spoke. "So unless I find a decent actor in thirty hours for the role, the add is scrapped."

I looked back at Cayden. "I'm so sorry for the intrusion, I'll go now." I said as I walked towards the door. Maxxie bit his lip. I could tell he wanted to say something. I thought I'd let it go.

"Wait." Cayden glared at me. "I still haven't decided on what you can do for me in return". Everyone on that room, including Maxxie stared at Cayden. He had this evil smile on his face that basically told me, "You’re screwed."  

"You're screwed, kid." Drew muttered in my ear. She really did not need to tell me that. 


The End

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