Maxxie: Well...?Mature

I sigh. Cayden's explosive temper, while strangely attractive, was certainly not helping, and I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for Blondie. He'd just got out of hospital with what looked like an apology cake of some kind, and Cayden had so charmingly knocked him out. I learn his name is Cane, but to be honest, I prefer calling him Blondie, and in my head, he shall remain as Blondie. I just hope I don't end up calling him that out loud.

I have a quick shower while we wait for Blondie to wake up and put my jeans back on, though I'm not entirely sure where my shirt went, if I'm honest. When I go back to the living room where Blondie is draped across the sofa the woman with him is sitting on the arm of the sofa, watching him like an over protective mother, and Cayden is sitting in an arm chair looking less than happy, I instantly feel the need to break at least some of the tension in the room. Though how I would go about that... I have no idea.

With a smile, I throw some jeans at Cayden and recline on the arm of the chair. He looks from the jeans to  me and back again, putting them on with a shrug. To be honest, I'd rather he stayed in boxers, but... not with Blondie and his friend/mum there. When he has them on, I slide off the arm of the chair, into his lap and pull his arms around me, leaning into him.

"He okay?" I ask the woman as I wriggle into a comfy position.

"What you mean apart from the huge bruise your fucking boyfriend gave him and the fact he's passed out?" she snaps. Ooh. Bad question, Max. But the bit where she called Cayden my boyfriend felt good. I like that. So I shrug the rest of her snappish reply off and try to think of some smartass thing to say back to her.

"Well what else would I have meant?" Coulda thought of something better, but I guess I'd rather not get into another fight. I don't know why I even care if he's okay or not, I mean he called Cayden and me sluts/whores and while this may be true, of at least me, him calling Cayden a whore kinda pissed me off.

And I don't get pissed off very often.

The woman doesn't answer me ‘cause at that moment, Blondie wakes up. He looks around, confused and suddenly figures out where he is, his eyes widening slightly. He pushes himself up and looks at me in Cayden's arms like we stabbed him or something. Sighing, he starts apologizing and I feel Cayden's grip tightening on me slightly, his body beneath me tensing. I don't know the guy that well, but even I can tell he's not exactly satisfied with the apology spilling out of Blondie's lips.

After a moment, I pull out of Cayden's hold and stand over Blondie, putting a hand over his mouth to make him shut up.

"Shush. I don't care if you feel like a bitch; I dunno about Cay, but I forgive you. You were pissed off, I get it," I take my hand away and sit back on Cayden's lap. "Well?" I say, turning to look at Cay expectantly. 


The End

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