Cayden: He Had Cake?Mature

The two of us reluctantly got out of bed and slipped on some boxers because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that cooking without them on never ends well. We headed for the kitchen, my arms around Maxxie’s waist, and I thanked God for the gift of long limbs because it meant I could cook with Maxxie still in front of me. Hmm, isn’t thanking someone I don’t believe in a little hypocritical?

A few minutes later I’d kind of given up on cooking. I’d been frying up some pancakes; my arms outstretched either side of Maxxie and my chin resting on his shoulder when he turned round and wrapped his arms around my waist, planting those soft feathery kisses up my neck again. That boy could be so damn distracting when he wanted to be. Before I knew it, I was kissing him and breakfast was burning. It was the smell of the smoke that distracted me from him actually.

“Sorry about breakfast, I’ll have to make it up to you some time” I said, pecking Maxxie on the lips as I passed him a bowl of cereal.

No sooner had I sat down to eat than someone rang the doorbell. For probably the first time in my life I actually heard it and jumped off the couch to answer the door. Normally I wouldn’t answer the door in just my boxers but I was feeling pretty cocky and figured it wouldn’t matter. I kind of wish I hadn’t opened it, though, because stood at my door was Cane. How did he even get my address? I only told him my name was Cayden. He opened his mouth to speak but didn’t get the chance since I smashed my fist into his teeth. Next thing I know, some woman jumps me. And man did she fight like a bitch. Cane grabbed a hold of her foot, which had been making a beeline for my crotch, and mumbled some kind of apology before passing out. Maxxie had heard the commotion and now stood clinging on to my arm in an adorable fashion.

“Get that prick off my doorstep before I beat his ass out of here” I said harshly to this woman, whoever she was.

“At least hear him out, you little fucker” she spat back. Whoa, somebody’s got a temper.

“I said-”

“Maybe… Maybe we should just… He did have cake, after all” Maxxie said quietly.

“He had cake?”

Maxxie nodded and pointed at the mess that used to be a cake slowly sliding down the wall.

“I… He…” I sighed. “Bring him in here. We’ll wait for him to wake up and see what he has to say. Don’t expect me to stay civil, though” I said, helping the woman carry Cane inside.

The End

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