"Forgive you? Of course I forgive you. How could I not?"

"But I've been with someone else."

"It wasn't your fault! It was that disgusting arsehole out there!"

"Ssshhhh!!! He can't know you know. He's going to hurt me if you know."

"Well I have to get rid of him. This can't go on."

"What can we do? And why are you being so forgiving?"

I thought of Cassy this morning. "Because I love you, it wasn't your fault. Some times people have moments with others outside their relationship, but if the relationship is strong, then it doesn't matter."

"When did you become so philosophical?"

"Since I started loving you."

"Then, then I love me?"

"Yes." She kissed me. "And that is why..." I got up and headed for the door. She followed me.

"Jonathan!!! Get your lazy, good for nothing, rapist arse out of my house!!! If I ever see you again, I will kill you."

"Ha, that's hilarious."

"No joke Jonathan." I reached in to the draw and pulled out a gun. "Now get the hell out."

"Wow, where did you get a gun?"

"Friend. Now get out!!!"

"Can I pack??"

"Nope." he backed out.

"But I need..." I slammed my door. then I went in to his room and chucked everything out the window.

"Annie, if  you ever see him again, you call the police."

"Ok. I cannot believe you just did that!"

"No one hurts you. Ever."

"Thank you." She was crying and hugging and kissing me.

The End

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