Annie: TremblingMature

I lie on the bed crying when John leaves the room. Why can't I stop him? Surely I'm not that weak?

I don't eat at all that day till Rosalita gets home and comes into my room. She hears my tears and is across the room in a heartbeat.

"What's wrong Annie?" She says pulling me into a hug. I continue to cry and try to move away from her but she won't let me.

"She's been crying all day" I freeze at the sound of John's voice. Then slowly I begin to cry silently. Rosalita notices the difference.

"Get out Johnathen!" Rosalita hisses at him. I hear him snort then leave the room. The door slams shut and I jump with fear.

"Annie, what has he done? Rosalita demands. I turn away burying my face into the pillow. And I think that was a bad idea.

"Oh god Annie" Rosalita exclaims. I remember the new massive bruise on my back where he hit me to keep me laid down. "What has he done to you?"

"Don't tell him you know...... but.... he's been......" I burst out in tears and curl up but I know that Rosalita's face is total shocked.

"Don't leave me alone with him" I sob out. Its then I think of the consequences. "Please forgive me"

The End

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