Cane- AppologyMature

was startled to find myself not alone in the hospital when I woke up. Drew was sitting beside my bed, with a look that said, "We need to talk."

"Hi." I was quite happy she was there.

"Why, kid? She asked looking upset, "Why do you always get yourself into these mess ups?"

"Sorry, I didn't know that the drink had-" Drew cut me off.

"I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about you, bitching to those hot guys." She tapped her foot on the floor. "You're lucky I got contacts kid," She continued, "I got them to let you out, without any tests. They were just protocol either way"  

"Thanks Drew." I smiled.

"Now, you are going to go to the hot guys house, and apologise, I'll help you pick out an' I’m sorry' cake......damn idiot."


I stood outside Cayden's house for about half an hour, with the apology cake in my hand, getting ready to diss myself big time. I had the cake personalized, it said - "I'm sorry for being a fucking bastard."  The lady at the shop thought it slightly inappropriate, but she still did it, for some extra cash.

Drew was the one who rang the door bell for me, and hid in the shadows. I headed feet coming towards the door. My feet shook, partially cause of the medication, and partially cause I was scared he would beat the crap out of me. Well, I did deserve it. He saved me, and I called him a whore....nice.

This is how the apology went-

Cayden opened the door.

I opened my mouth

A fist came smashing against my teeth.

The cake flew to the other end of the room, and smashed against the wall.

Drew came out of hiding. Fuck, that was not good. She was a champion kick-boxer by age 14. Could beat up her teachers with a pinkie finger.

"Mother fucking fucker!" She yelled as she rammed his fist into his gut. "You do not great sick people who came to apologise with a FUCKING PUNCH!! Has your mother never taught you and FUCKING MANNERS!?" Cayden reeled back a little, but he was one tough hot guy. I was still slightly conscious, so I got up and grabbed onto her foot before she could ram it into her groin.

"No, it's ok Drew." I got on my wobbling feet.

“WHAT?!” She looked horrified.

"I’m a pathetic fucking, ungrateful bitchy brat." I looked at Cayden. "You can hit me all you want....just don't kill me, kind of saved me, and......" I was nervous as shit. "I was a fucking bastard, to you and Maxxie.... who were nice enough to....visit....ya...I'm so sorry. I came  so...." That was all I could get out of my mouth before a wave of dizziness penetrated through my body, I guess my body just registered the punch. Then, I was out cold.....AGAIN! What’s with me and fainting!? Is that my specialty or something? I bet my nick name would have been- Mr. - Fainting-Like-A-Girl-Guy. This was the third time I had fainted in three days. What the fuck was happening to any manliness I had left?!

The End

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