I woke up at three and stretched. Annie was lying on the  edge of the bed, so I softly rolled her ove to the middle.

"No, no, leave me alone." She said. I grinned always the lazy one. I couldn't blame her at this time in the morning. I got dressed, had coffee, then kissed Annie's head as I left.

When I got to the set there was a meeting for cast and crew. Megan smiled at me and I grinned back. A girl standing next to her nudged her and whispered in her ear. She whispered back. The girl turned to smile at me. I smiled and looked away. When i looked back a few minutes later, she was still looking at me.

I did the makeup, and as I did I saw the girl standing in the queue. She came to my chair, and I began putting makeup on her.

"I'm Cassy."



"Hi." She smiled at me. "What do you play?"

"Megan's best friend."

"Quite a big part then."

"Yeah, it's kind of cool."

"Your first big role?"

"My first role ever."


"Thank you. Megan tells me you have a girlfriend."

"That's a rather strange thing to bring up, but yes I do." I finished her makeup. She stood up.

"Shame." She said and kissed my cheek. I stood stunned for a second. Wow. You get a girlfriend and suddenly women are throwing themselves at you.

I watched the filming, Cassy was very talented. She winked at me when the shoot finished. I smiled, shaking my head, and headed back to the now empty makeup trailer. I sat down, my legs crossed and eyes closed.

"Hey." I opened my eyes, and there she was.

"What's the matter? Your makeup looks fine."

"My makeup needs messing up for the next scene."

"Well come here then." I began moving out of the chair, but she stopped me.

"I have a new way to mess up makeup." She slid on to my legs.

"Cassy, I think you ought to get off. I have a girlfriend."

"So?" She said, kissing my neck.

"And, and I love her."

"Well at least I know you're faithful."

"Cassy, get off." She bent down and kissed my mouth full on. I relaxed for a second, responded even, but then pulled back. "No, I'm sorry Cassy. This is wrong."

"Well, when you and your girlfriend fall out, feel free to call me." She slipped a card with her number on it in to my bra, then climbed off. I wiped off the lipstick on my neck and mouth, and then set about hers, trying not to look at her.

God I felt so bad. Poor Annie. But at least I hadn't waanted to do anything. And I was not going to tell her, because nothing was going on. Cassy was justv a girl I had met who had tried to kiss me. Who had kissed me. But it meant nothing. Annie meant everything to me. But I still kept the card.

The End

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