Annie: TroubleMature

I go to my room and pack together a bag to go out. "Annie" I hear John whisper. I turn round quickly and jumped shocked at how close he is.

"I'm going out...... move please" I whisper my voice deffinetly scared. John wraps an arm round my waist.

"I don't think so..... come on Annie you know you want to" John whispers. I shake my head but he brushes his lips against mine and I shake.

No, No, No...... This can't be happening. "Johnathen..... don't I love Rosalita.... we can't do this. I don't want to do this" I choke out.

"I can't believe that" he whispers. Then he kisses me crushing his lips hard down on mine. I freeze..... tense. My body unmovable.

I feel his hand brush the skin of my hip and..... I relax. It doesn't feel right but as the same time I..... I can't stop.

Oh my god... Rosalita, what the hell am I doing?

John picks me up and kicks back at the door closing it. He carries me over to the bed and lies me down on it.

He puts his legs between my and begins to mess with the buckle of his pants. I pull away. "No... don't" I whisper. I try to push him off but he silence my speech with his mouth.

He gets his trousers of then works on pulling up the skirt of my dress and down on my pants. I try and shove him off again. Yet he's not having it.

He gets my pants of and then I find myself screaming.


I don't why he did that. I'm laying on the bed trembling. He left a while ago he went out.....

He said he might come back later. He said if I told Rosalita what he did he would...... I can't even think about it.

The door to the place opens. "Annie?" Rosalita calls. He didn't leave any trace of what he did. So when Rosalita comes into the room she just finds me lying on my bed curled up trembling.

"Annie..... are you okay?" she ask coming over and stroking back my hair. Oh what should I say.

"I.... I don't feel so well" I mutter. Rosalita frowns at me and takes my hands in hers in a firm grip.

"I'll fetch you some water and paracetamol" She says. She walks out.

How's that gonna help? Although she doesn't know a thing. She doesn't know that her so called brother wasn't looking for my consent..... He was just waiting for the perfect time to rape me.

The End

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