Cane - I Should Shut Up.Mature

I didn’t think he would come back. I thought he would be happy to be rid of me. I collapse on him drunk, encroach on his house, call him a molester, and then puke on his door....not a good first-impression I’d say. I wouldn’t want anything to do with me.  I’d run a mile the first chance I get, plus, I was a stranger. So, I was rather surprised and touched when the plump nurse came in to announce that he’d come back.

“Are you feeling better, Mr. Josephs?” She asked as she tip-toed into my room. I wiped the reminiscence of the tears on my bed spread.

“Fine.” I lied. I felt like silly putty that had been mashed to pulp by some fat kid. Her eyes looked like they could see right through my lies.

“Well, your friends are here to see you.” Friends!? Now I had more than one!

I turned to the door thinking of the possible second “friend”. The only person I could think of was Drew, though she was scared of hospitals.

Hot Guy entered. My eyes searched for the second ‘friend’. He came, attached to hot guy’s arm. Of all the people possible, it was Blonde Guy. God! I wish I knew their names!

I wasn’t sure I could act all cheery and happy. I was shocked and slightly disappointed. And I still felt like abandoned crap on the side of the road. Had Hot-Guy and Blonde-Guy decided on dating? No, that was impossible.

I stared for a few minutes, the silence was overwhelming, and I had to say something.

“Thanks,” I muttered, “for saving me.” I looked at them as they sat down, Blonde still sticking to Hottie. “Names Cane, by the way.” I tried to give them a formal shake, but my hand just plopped over the side of the bed.

“Cayden.” Hottie answered, ignoring the dead arm, “And, I guess you’re welcome.”  I looked at Blondie expecting a reply.

“Maxxie.” He answered slightly reluctantly. I noticed Maxxie cuddle up closer to Cayden. I felt a strange wave of anger pass over.

“So this is what you were doing.” I hissed at Cayden, with a devilish smile on my face. I had no idea what in God’s name I was saying.

“Huh?” He looked at me slightly confused.

“Nurse said you went to get some air, I think you went to get something more.” I glanced towards Maxxie.

“Well, we met up, and so...”

“And so you decided to have some fun?” I completed his sentence for him. “Hook up, become sex buddies, ya I get it.” My head was screaming at me to shut up.

“What?!” Cayden was getting pissed. Maxxie just stared at me, with one eyebrow raised.

“It’s Ok, once a whore, always a whore.” This had gone beyond repair. My brain was yelling at me, telling me “Shut the fuck up! Apologise, this guy saved your life!” But I couldn’t tell why I was so angry and so....jealous.

“What the fuck’s your problem?!” Cayden stood up.

"You'll are such little sluts, you know that. Youll stink of your freaking ass-fucks."  "SHUT THE FUCK UP"!! I yelled to my self.

"Ungreatfull Little bastard!" Cayden yelled. "You wait you little fuck face, I'll beat the shit out off you the minute your off that cozy little bed of yours!" Shit, I felt like crying, I didn't want to make them into enemies.

“Wow...” Maxxie said as he got up with Cayden. What were they, siemese twins? “What a little ass hole.”  He looked genuinely surprised, “I mean I’ve heard of bitchy guys, but this.” He said pointing at me, “it’s”

I felt exasperated, like ffor that brief conversation, I had been possessed.  

“I’m sorry;” The nurse butted in, “visiting hours are over, but please do come back tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, we were just leaving.” Cayden answered, walking towards the door.

“What do you mean tomorrow? I thought I was leaving today.” I felt a strange fear creep up inside me. I didn’t want o be alone. The siamese twins turned around

“I’m sorry, but we’ll have to keep you over for observation.”

“No, you can’t, I got to go home.”

“If you’d like, we could inform your family members, they could bring your stuff over.”

“I don’t have a fucking family, and I am not staying here another GOD DAMN NIGHT” I yelled. I felt my heart begin to race, and my breath grew heavy. I couldn't do this.

“I’m sorry sir.” The nurse consoled. It wasn’t her fault. It was mine. Shit. I felt like such a fucking bastard, a fucking bitchy ass hole. I was in no frame of mind to stay another night at the hospital, and couldn't afford to get bitchy on the nurse.

Maxxie and Cayden took a slight glance back, before leaving.  I reviewed my conversation with them. Shit. I was such a little fuck up. “Nurse,” I called to her. I had to make things right. “Can you catch up to my friends and tell them I’m extreamly sorry, I think my meds are acting up and-“She cut me off.

“Of course. You just relax now; I’ll explain it to them.”  She waddled quickly towards the door. Had she heard the entire conversation or something?

That night, I didn’t sleep at all. I just cried on my pillow, hoping that either someone would be there when I woke up tomorrow, or I wouldn't wake up at all. The first was impossible, but then again, I thought Cayden coming at all was impossible.

I couldn't dtop crying, how wonderful, my eyes were going to look puffy and tear-stained tomorrow, just great. Now I was a suicidal, lonely, perverted, bitchy little bastard, who was unsure about his sexual orientation with puffy- crying  eyes.....great. My life is so not fiucked up.

The End

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