Annie: NewMature

"Annie" Rosalita moans sitting up. "Why are you awake?"

"Writing" Which is what I'm doing. I have my laptop perched on my knee and my glasses on. I pull them off and look at Rosalita while I wipe the lenses. "That was a very new experience"

Rosalita smile and I must admit it makes me want to stop my work but this has to be in for the midday print. "So you liked it then" She says crawling over.

"Love it" I whisper allowing myself a kiss. I pull away. "Problem is. I have to get this in or Megan Fox will slaughter me"

Rosalita laughs and jumps out of bed. She looks at me. "You already got dressed?" She says questionly. I nod. Rosalita shrugs then moves off to get dressed herself.

"I don't have to work today.... we could go see a movie?" Rosalita says. I turn my head to look back at her and nod before sliding back on my reading/writing glasses.


Ending of Suspition, Not

Megan Fox deny's dating the Male Extra but Who can we trust. Star's are known for their cheeky hiding of their relationships. And to me it seems Megan reacted a bit to strongly to the acusation.

So tips to Megan Fox. We love you the way you are. If you are dating the guy tell. I am willing to write for you. If you are not try and turn down the real life drama key and leave the acting for the set.



"So far, So good" Rosalita says.

"Almost finished" I say. I type three more paragraphs before sending off the document to be edited and printed.

I strech and put my laptop aside. Rosalita left a moment ago and.... "Hey, Annie" I jump with shock and spin round to face the speaker.

"Leave me alone John" I hiss then walk out of the room he grabs my wrist in the hallway.

"Rosalita will be gone tomorow if you are in the house be warned" he says seductively. Even though I know what the effect of it would be I ignore it completely and go into the living room.

Rosalita is curled up on the sofa and I curl up next to her. Like a little teddy bear..... well not that small.

The End

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