Cayden: Dinner?Mature

"I still want to know why you punched last night's sex”.

Oh God, Maxxie. I slouched over the table so he wouldn’t spot the bloodstain and tried to look anywhere but his eyes. His gorgeous green eyes. Gorgeous green eyes which were staring straight into mine. I cleared my throat awkwardly and drummed my fingers against the plastic tabletop for a few seconds.

“Maxxie… You… I… Fuck, I don’t know how to say this” I said, biting my lip. I took a deep breath and figured I’d just go for it. Just blurt out whatever the fuck came into my head, even if it wasn’t anything to do with what we were talking about. “Ever since the other night… You’ve been on my mind. Constantly. I’ve tried so goddamn hard to just forget about you and move onto the next drunk guy but… Shit, I’ve never felt anything like this before so, um, yeah…”

Maxxie smiled, light filling his beautiful green eyes. “You’ve been on my mind too”

“I…I have?”

“Yeah” he shrugged. Wait, why so nonchalant all of a sudden? Don’t tell me I’ve been getting stuck on this guy and he’s replaced me with the next pretty thing to attach itself to him.

“So… Okay, I have to ask… Did you fuck that guy last night?”

“What does it matter?”

“Just curious. I like knowing how quickly I’ve been replaced”.

Shit, I’m fucking this up already. Alright, Cayden, just hope he doesn’t get shitty with you and try and bring this thing back around. You can do this, you’ve got a silver tongue. There isn’t anyone you can’t persuade. Well, maybe Dad. What?! Stop thinking about your parents! Focus on Maxxie, damn it!

“Oh. You were still on my mind if it’s any consolation”.

I felt a grin spread across my face at the thought of it. Yeah, I’m a perv like that, big deal. "Umm... I've never really done this before but.... Uh, do you want to go out tonight? Like for dinner? I think... I think we need to have a proper talk about...this".

Maxxie smiled again and I relaxed out of my slouch, forgetting about the bloodstain. “Sure... If you've never done this before, d'you want me to pick you up or...?"

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. "Uh, yeah, that's kind of... Yeah. I don't exactly have a car. I'm a bus kind of guy"

Maxxie laughed. God, call me a high school girl but I swear to God it was the most beautiful sound in the world. "I've only got a beat up old second hand piece of shit, but it does the job. Umm, any idea where you wanna go?"

"Shit, I really should've thought this out more. I, uh, I don't really know anywhere..."

It was Maxxie’s turn to grin and he did it with style, showing off his perfect teeth. "You are ridiculously cute, did you know that? Anyways, I'll pick you up at eight and take you to... I dunno, an Italian place? I'll need to know where I can pick you up from though."

I smiled and grabbed one of the café’s napkins, pulling a pen out of my pocket. I always carry a pen with me. Never know when you might need it. “Sure,” I jotted down my address and handed it to Maxxie, “I'll leave the door open, I never hear it when people knock”

"'Kay," he smiled and shoved the napkin in his pocket. Which was around the time he saw my shirt, “You know you’ve got blood on you, right?"

Oh God. I completely forgot about that. It’s okay, Cayden, he didn’t freak out. Just explain it. "Yeah. It's not mine, it's someone... I mean, I didn't go out picking fights with strangers and.... I mean..." Deep breath, Cayden. "You know Blondie from the other night? I was with him last night. Just drinking not... Yeah, well something didn't agree with him and... He's in the hospital..."

So how comes you're out here arranging dinner with me instead of in there making sure he's okay?" He stood up and offered me his hand, "C'mon. You should go back and see him."

"I was just..." I stopped to sigh. Might as well get it over with. "Hospitals freak me out. He's been out cold for four hours and I just... I just needed a break. Knowing my luck he's probably woken up and that nurse didn't pass on my message" I stood up and took Maxxie’s hand. It felt… nice. I’m not one for holding hands but I could get used to that.

"I'll sit with you, if you want. I've got an hour to kill."

"Thanks. You do know I might just have to start making out with you there, right?"

"You read my mind."

I laughed and Maxxie smiled, making himself look oh so much hotter "C'mon hotshot, the hospital isn't gonna wait forever”.

The End

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