Annie: Three's a crowdMature

I kicked him in the stomach as Rosalita raced back into the room switching on the light. I grabbed the covers and yanked them up over me.

Rosalita grabbed a nightgown. "What the hell are you doing in here Johnathen?" She hissed.

John still watch's me with hungry eyes. "Looking for Annie..... seems I came in at a bad time"

"Way bad" Rosalita says grinding her teeth. John looks away from me and I feel slight realief.

"Oh well..." He moves over to a chair and sits down. "I'll sit hear and watch"

"No you won't" I shout looking across at Rosalita in horror. She nods and turns on John.

"Get out Johnathen before I force you out. I'm letting you stay at my place but you are pushing your luck" Rosalita hisses.

John shrugs and stands up. "Maybe we could have a three some then?"

"No!" Both me and Rosalita shouts at the same time. "You are not stealing Annie from me" she hisses.

I look at her. So much protectiveness. It makes me feel so warm inside. I stand up holding the covers over me. I go over and take Rosalita's hand in a firm grip. "I'm Rosalita's as long as she wants me" I say firmly.

John looks annoyed. "Fine" He sighs then a smile is on his lips. "Not giving up though"

He leaves the room closing the door and I turn to Rosalita dropping the cover. "Where were we?" I ask smiling.

The End

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