Annie: Get off meMature

I move around the kitchen in comfort. I like being in here. I slide the ending product into the oven. Tuna Tomarto Pasta Bake. Gorgeous.

I move out of the kitchen wiping my hands. "Hey, Annie" John calls. I turn quickly to see him moving down the hall.

"What do you want?" I ask clenching my teeth. He better not try anything. He leans against the wall watching me arms folded.

"Don't deny it Annie. Rosalita aint the only one you lust for" John says approaching slowly. He backs me up to the wall and I brace my hands back against it.

"Stop please" I whisper. He tugs on my shirt pulling me to him. Then begins to pull it up.... trying to get it off.

Yet I can't stop him. "What the fuck?!?"

Johnathen lets go of my shirt and I pull away running over to Rosalita hiding behind her. "You don't quit do you?" Rosalita hisses.

"She didn't stop me" John says shrugging.

"She's not getting off with it either" Rosalita says. "But you were the one who broke your promise..... Just go out for the night Johnathen and hope I don't slaughter you when you get back"

Johnathen shrugs and make his way out. He stops in the doorway next to me and flashes a smile before snatching a kiss. Rosalita hits out of him.

He walks off. I move inside to let Rosalita slam the door. "I'm sorry" I spit as soon as I hear the thwack of the door.

She turns to look at me. "Why Annie?" She whispers.

"I..... I don't know" I whisper looking at the floor. "I know I love you but.... I can't seem to stop him"

Rosalita sighs. Then the timer goes off. She steps up and tilts up my face her hand on my neck. She kisses me her tongue sliding into my mouth. She pulls back.

"Do you still fancy dinner?" I gasp.

"Get it out..... And I have a great idea for after" I almost shoot into the kitchen to get the pasta out.

The End

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