I finished up at work, then went to meet Aimee, the dance teacher I was friends with.

"Hey!" I called over the music as I stepped in to the dance studio.

"Hey!" She came round the corner and gave me a hug, kissing my cheek. "Come to teach?"

"For half an hour. I need to relax."


"Brother, work, new girlfriend."



"Really? Took you a while."


"She's fancied you for ages. You'd have to be blind."

"Ahaha, well call me the blind girl." I went in to the changing room, stripping and then putting on my shorts and top, tying it so it showed off my stomach. I went in to the studio.

"Right guys, let's get started!"

An hour later, I came out of the studio. Aimee was putting a poster up. Streetdance night. Battles galore.

"Hey Aimee, since when did you start letting people have street battles here?"

"Since you've come back. I need someone to get it started and advertised. You go clubbing a lot, and you were in that competition so I figured you could do it."

"Yeah sure, why not?"

I took some of the posters, and a pile of handouts. On my way back home I put some of the posters up, and handed out some leaflets to one of my dance crew friends.

"Get your asses down their babe, it's gonna be cool."

"Alright, see you there Ros."


I ran up the steps to my house and opened the door.

"What the fuck??!"

The End

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