Annie: WowMature

I finished up and licked my lips. I sat back against the bed head and sighed. "Wow" Rosalita says moving up to look at me.

"Yep" I say biting my lower lip. Its something I do a lot. Rosalita moves to sit up and I cozy up to her. Her phone buzzes again. "Ignore it" I moan pouting.

"Can't this time" She flicks it open answering. "Hello...." Pause ".... Okay I'll be right there" She snaps the phone shut and frowns at me.

"Don't leave me with him" I mutter clutching at her tighter.

"I wish I didn't have to.... you could come with me" She says. I shake my head shamefully.

"I can't because I have to write that paper.... also I might cook tonight, Fancy that?" I say smiling cheekily.

"That would be lovely" Rosalita says then she softly presses her lips on mine. It easily gets passionate and our body mold together.

"Oh my god that is quite hot" Rosalita pulls away and grabs a pillow throwing it a John in the door frame.

"OH MY GOD JOHNATHEN!! GET OUT!!" She yells. John laughs dodging the pillow and leaving the room. I find my cheeks burning up. How much did he watch?

I mean we weren't thinking about anything round us. "Don't worry Annie" Rosalita says as she gets up. "He's a pervert and a jerk"

She pulls on her shirt finally buttoning it up then leans down to kiss me quickly before leaving. I wait to hear the door slam before realeasing the sigh I was holding.

I don't want John here. I get up to get dressed in my underwear and dress before adventuring out to the hall then to the kitchen. What to make.........

The End

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