Maxxie: CaydenMature

Cayden. Cayden. Cayden. Cayden. Cayden. Cayden. Cayden. Cayden.

Why. Are. You. On. My. Mind?

The music on the system playing in the café I work at is on a CD of Danger Radio at the moment, playing Your Kind. I normally love that song, but at the moment it's keeping Cayden in my head, rather than out of it.

"Speak to me, Wish you could see, You're always on my mind, The things you do, On your pursuits, Tryin' to keep a distance, I know your kind."

Couldn't be much more true, really. I glare at the speaker in the corner over the counter for a second as I'm making someone's coffee, before wiping the scowl off my face and turning back around with a smile on my face. The girl I hand the coffee to smiles and flicks her hair and I have to hold back a giggle. It never fails to make me laugh when a girl tries to flirt with me.

I just smile back and give her the change before turning to Jared hanging around by the smoothie machine.

"Dude, cover for me, I'm gonna go on my break while it's quiet." He just nods and I smile. He's quiet, and I like it that way. I take my apron off and look up as someone walks up to the door. He hesitates in the doorway, staring at me through the glass before turning away and walking away.



He did not just avoid this café because I'm here. No way! I grab my wallet and make my way outside, following behind. I dunno why I'm following him, but my feet aren't listening to me. He wanders into another café, plucking at his shirt self consciously and I trail in after him. I don't order anything, I just wait until he's settled at a table before sitting down opposite him, leaning across to stare in his eyes as I speak.

"I still want to know why you punched last night's sex."


The End

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