Cayden: HospitalMature

“Oh my fucking Christ!” I jumped off the couch, not caring that my plate clattered to the floor and left a sticky mess behind.

Blondie was leaning on my front door for support and blood was coming out of his mouth like it was going out of style. What the fuck? I mean, what would even fucking do that to a person? Shit, what the fuck was I supposed to do?

“Call a fucking cab!” Blondie choked out.

“A cab? Man, I think you want an ambulance”

“Then call one but do it fast!”

“Alright! Alright I’m doing it! I’m just trying to stay calm here”

Shit, where was my phone when I fucking needed it. Yes, I’m too cheap to get a landline. Phone…. Phone…. Ph-BEDROOM! I dashed into my room and ran back to Blondie, managing to dial “911” on the second try. Ring ring. Ring ring. Shit, why’s no one answering?!

“911 emergency, which service do you require?” a woman said almost brightly in a fake polished voice.

“Ambulance, and I need it fucking fast”

“Directing your call”

Blondie heaved again. Shit, why was this taking so long?

“Ambulance” a man said disinterestedly.

“I need an ambulance and I need it now. My friend…he’s puking up blood. Shit, I don’t know what to do. I don’t even know what the fuck happened” I was trying to keep a lid on the panic racing through me by pulling at my hair and pacing behind the couch.

“Sir, calm down. Do you know if anything’s happened that might have caused him to suffer internal bleeding?”

“Fuck. I don’t think so”.

“Is he allergic to anything?”

“I don’t know. I don’t fucking know anything. Just that he needs a fucking ambulance”.

“Sir, please stay calm. An ambulance is on its way but I need you to stay on the line. Is your friend still conscious?”

I dashed over to Blondie. “Yeah, just about”.

“Do you know the recovery position?”

“If he passes out I need you to put him in the recovery position, okay?”
“Yeah. Yeah, I get it. Just hurry up with that ambulance, yeah?”


Four hours later Blondie, who I now knew as Cane thanks to his medical chart, was unconscious in a hospital bed. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. I needed to take a walk. Cane didn’t seem like he was waking up anytime soon but just in case I flagged down one of the nurses and asked them to let him know I was coming back.

I walked down the street, letting the gentle breeze wash over me as I wondered what the hell had just happened. I sighed and spotted a café ahead of me. That was what I needed. A decent cup of coffee and something to eat. I glanced at my reflection in a shop window and sighed again. I’d managed to get some of Cane’s blood on my shirt. I shook my head and headed towards the café anyway. And who should I happen to see inside? Maxxie. Yeah, I went to another café. You don’t go and see the guy who’s been constantly on your mind with a blood-stained shirt…

The End

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