Annie: At WorkMature

I move round to stand in Rosalita smiling and biting my lower lip. I move forward pushing her backwards till we reach the wall. I push her up against it and put my hands on her waist.

"How about I offer you something? Skip work...." I bit her bottom lip and hear her groan as I slide my hand up to hold one of her breasts. I take a deep breath and continue. "....Skip work and I might show you something different?"

I flash a smile pulls away and skip off through the set. I head off the set and call down a taxi.

I jump in and give the address. I get there in ten minutes and pull out my key to unlock the door...... which doesn't need unlocking.

Someone opens it and its the last person I want to see right now. "Johnathen" I gasp freezing. He flashes a smile.

"Hey, Annie" He lets his eyes skim down my body and he bits his lips giving a hungry moan. "Fine as ever"

"Back off, John" I snap. I push past him into the apartment. "I'm on the other team now remember. Your fault"

"Ouch" Johnathen says wincing. He puts a hand to his heart. "That hurts Annie and you know thats not true"

I scoff and head for the kitchen. He catches my wrists and spins me round pulling me to his chest. "Where's sis?" He asks.

"She's out..... We're dating now" I say giving him a mocking smile. He smiles. "She can share" He says. He's leaning in closer. I realise what he's doing.

"N-" He cuts me off with his lips pushing me up to the wall. While I feel like giving into it I don't pushing against his shoulders.

It would be obvious to anyone I'm trying to get him off. Which is good especially when I hear Rosalita's voice. "Johnathen! Get off My Annie"

My Annie?? Oh my god I love that.

The End

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