Cayden: PancakesMature

Blondie, I still didn’t know his name, was pretty adorable really. Okay, so maybe my opinion was a little biased since he’d just hit me with one hell of a kiss but he still had a cute face. I was about to kiss him back, figuring “why the hell not?” when WHAM! He just straight out faceplanted the bar. What a drag.

“Is he always as bad as this?” I asked the bartender, not really expecting an answer.

The bartender just shrugged with a small smile. Which I took as a ‘yes’. I sighed, swallowing back the last of my drink, and stood up. I picked Blondie up like I had the night before and stumbled outside. The stumbling was no fault of my own, it takes more than a few martinis to get me tipsy, but passed out Blondie was even heavier than wasted Blondie. But once again, by some miracle I managed to hail a cab and get the both of us back to my place. What? I wasn’t going to leave a cute guy passed out at a bar.


I woke up to the shrill sound of a phone ringing. I slid out of bed, taking note of the still passed out Blondie on my couch, and answered the phone.

“Cayden, I’m hearing bad things about you” I recognized the voice as Brent, my boss.

“Hey Brent. Feeling better?” I asked, hoping he’d say yes so I wouldn’t have to put up with baldy James another day.

“I wish. Cay, I think you better take some time off. I’ll tell James it’s a temporary suspension or something. I should be back by the end of the week”.

“Thanks, Brent, you’re a babe”

“I know” he said smugly and hung up.

I chuckled and headed for the kitchen to make some kind of excuse for a breakfast. I was halfway through making pancakes when I heard Blondie wake up. I put the pancake I’d been making on a plate and watched him from the doorway. He evidently hadn’t spotted me. He muttered something about his head and shakily stood up, checking the each room for some sign of life. He walked back into the living room with a confused look on his face.

“You shouldn’t pass out in bars, you’ll end up getting ass-raped that way” I said, making him jump.

“So you brought me back here to get ass-raped instead?” he asked, looking like he was recovering from a heart attack.

“I brought you back here so you wouldn’t get ass-raped. Dude, check your clothes. No tampering, no signs of removal, nothing. You spent the night passed out on the couch, I spent the night making some calls and playing Halo” I said, turning back to my pancakes.

I cooked up a couple more before heading over to the couch and switching on the TV. Blondie looked at my plate hungrily and I swear I heard his stomach rumble like a plane taking off. I shoved a forkful in my mouth and rolled my eyes.

“Get your own breakfast, I’m not a chef” I said, trying not to spit the pancakes out and turned my attention back to the TV.

The End

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