Cane- How to Feed a PhaseMature

I knew where I had seen him. I knew where I had seen the blonde too. They were the couple in the the apartment...The two hot guys, in one bed...Crap!

 I leaned out to get a closer look of Hot-Guys face. Big mistake. Hot Guy saw me, as clear as day. I was expecting him to beat the shit out of me, but no, instead he invites me for a drink. And for some reason, I agree. I wanted to go with him. I needed to go with him. This guy was just plain sexy, and if I wanted to rid myself of this phase, I had to allow it to take me over; so that my brain could comprehend how strange and awkward it was it was..... I think

We began sipping martinis, at the bar. The bar tender winked, I kept my eyes locked on Hot guys face. He was staring at something near the door.

I turned to see what he was looking at; it was blonde walking out with a brunette. Hot-Guy gave off a sad groan as he left. Shit, that was hot. His sad face was so cute. I was losing my head, the martinis were getting to me, but Hot Guy kept shoving them down my throat, and it was rude not to accept gifts. God he looked so hot, all sad and desperate. At that point, I lost my mind. I was drunk, and about to pass out. Why not have some fun? I couldn’t resist, I pulled him close, and kissed him, a nice big botch on the lips.

“I cannot hold my all.” I muttered in his ear. “Sorry.” I cannot remember what happened next, everything began to swirl, everything got blurred, dark. I think I passed out. Perhaps I should have warned him before I had drunk seven martinis.

The End

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