She trembled and I grinned. It was strangely powerful that I could get her to react like this.

"Megan will have been told off by her publicist, and that's why she's so upset. All you have to do is print er side of the story with a talk from the extra. But right now, you are not going anywhere." I lifted her on to the side so she was sitting, me stood between her legs. I kissed her, first slowly and gently, then getting more passionate. Then suddenly I pulled away, my teasing grin back in place.

"Well, better go and see if everyone is ok."


I had turned away so she couldn't see my grin. Keeping my voice normal I said,

"Yeah, we wouldn't want anyone to need me."

"What about me?" I grinned. Putty in my hands. And I was so in danger of being putty in hers. I never realised she could be so mature and sexy. And it was driving me crazy, in the best way possible. Soon, she wouldn't even get out the house. I'd keep her there all to myself. I smiled at the thought, then felt Annie's arms slide round my waist.

The End

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