Annie: Time to rewriteMature

"Why are you so quiet?" Rosalita asks.

"Huh?" I mumble looking up at her, a strand of my hair twirled round my finger. She shakes her head a faint smile on her lips before looking back at me.

"What's happened?" Rosalita asks.

"Ummm" I mumble twirling the strand of hair tighter. "I was the one who got the photo......"

"Annie" Rosalita moans shocked.

"I didn't do anything that would ruin her career" I say pulling out a newspaper from my bag. "Look" I shove the newspaper at her.


Real or Acting

Star Megan Fox was spotted on set kissing one of the Male Extra's. Research shows he is from england and has recently stepped into Hollywood movies.

In Megan Fox's new film there is a Kiss scene. So what we, the press, and you, the readers, would like to know is. Is this Acting or is this true.

From our lastest studies.........


"I didn't get what she was so upset about. Its not like I said she's deffinetly dating the guy...... Unless she is and she wants to keep it a secret thats the only reason for her reaction" I say happily.

"Stop going into journalist mode" Rosalita says tapping me with the newspaper before handing it back.

I shove it into my bag. "I still think I'm right. Discovery time!" I try to run off but Rosalita pulls me back by my coat.

"Nuh Uh, you're only on set cause I want you here..... And I have a great idea" I tremble from her breath against my cheek.

The End

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