Annie dressed and we drove across to the set. I waved at David as we pulled up.

"Hey Ros, I see your friend's here again."

"Girlfriend actually."

"Oh, nice one." He said appreciatively, looking Annie up and down. She blushed and I squeezed her hand. "Anyway, Megan's having a bit of an off day...again. i was wondering if you could cheer her up. Apparently someone took a picture of her kissing one of the extras and it's got in to the newspapers."

"Sure, we'll cheer her up."

We set off to the makeup studio, and inside was Megan. She was leaning on the makeup desk crying.

"Megan? Are you alright?"

"No! Some idiot has ruined my career!!"

"I think you're over exaggerating. The press love a bit of a scandal."

"But I was teaching him the scene!! He's the stand in!"

"Then all you have to do is tell the press that."

"Why would they believe me?"

"Because, the press are just normal people. They need to make money and by you denying it, you're giving them another story to write about, which gives them more money." I noticed Annie was being very quiet. I squeezed her hand.

"Alright. Thanks Rosalita. Can you sort out my makeup?"

"Yeah alright. Sit back." 

The End

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