Cane- Side linesMature

When most guys are in a bar, they would be more interested in the two hot chicks running out of it. But I wasn't. Invisible little me was sitting in a corner, watching one guy shove his tongue down another’s throat. I hate to admit it... it was too hot.

Then there was a third guy, who storms up, and whacks the first. Nice. They were fighting over the blonde. Could understand why too, the blonde was pretty cute, but,....I could have sworn I had seen the blonde somewhere. I held my mug in both hands and began sipping and staring at the scene, like a creep watching a dirty video. I guess you could say that I had finally crossed the line between 'confused' and 'pervert'. Oh well, no one could see me. This was the beauty of being invisible, you could see everything, but no one saw you.

I watched as Hot-Guy-Who-Punched-Drunk-Guy was dragged out of the bar. I watched as Blonde guy ran after Hot guy. I swore I knew that blonde, and I needed to find out who he was.

"Keep that on my tab." I signalled to the bartender. I had grown to like this place. 

I followed the guy outside. Right; now I was a perverted stalker. Just great. I listened in to the conversation. Everything sounded too familiar. The voices and the things they spoke about, it was like de-ja-vou.

Last night came like a flash back into my head, it blended into the previous mornings memory. I shoved it at the back of my mind. I didn't want to remember that. But something was odd. I just kept watching, hoping I could stay invisible, and wishing I hadn't got such a week tolerance for alcohol. The second pint of beer already had my head spinning.

Note to self- Next time I think I'm going to become a desperate creep and stalk someone, do not drink any kind of alcoholic substance.


The End

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