Annie: Dark Side.....Mature

Oh god, this felt good. She was moving and touching me in ways I'd never heard of before. I pulled down my pants slowly and Rosalita let me. She wasn't letting me do much.

I pull her pants down and felt her kiss me harder. I reached up and took of her bra. Wow, she had large breasts. Rosalita pulled back for kissing me for a breath.

"My turn" I whispers smiling cheekily. I flip her over and saddle her hips. Then I lean down and kiss her. We go on into the early hours of the morning.


"Hey" Rosalita says as I walk into the kitchen. She's holding a steaming cup of coffee.

"Morning" I sing skipping across the room and kissing her on the lips. I then turn round to pour myself a cup of tea. "Thank you for boiling the water for me"

"You're welcome" Rosalita says. "I have work..... ten minutes" I turn and pout causing her to laugh. "That pout is incredibly cute"

I bite my lip smiling. Then I spin and strut off. "I'll just get out of this and come with you to the set"

"You're only wearing my t-shirt and some pants" Rosalita laughs.

"I would come in this but I'm taken now ain't I?" I call back.

"That you are honey"

The End

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