Maxxie: Explain, please.Mature

Did... who... what...? I catch Val, checking him over before looking out over at the people gyrating around us. Where did Cayden go so quickly? And what was with punching Val!?

"I'm really sorry," I say in Val's ear, giving him a quick kiss and pointing him in the direction of the loos, "clean yourself up, yeah? I'll be back in a sec." I don't wait for an answer, pushing my way through the crowd, looking for my sexy one night stand. He thinks I'm worth more than a rebound fuck? I am so confused.

What was I? A drunken one night stand, or did he actually end up liking me, even just a tiny little bit?

I can't see him anywhere! He didn't leave already did he? Chewing on my lower lip, I'm split between Val and Cayden.

In the end, after much dithering, I go after Cayden, running outside to find him. I've liked him for longer... yeah. A whole day longer. Hmm.

I find him in the street, talking with this other guy that I vaguely recognize. I'm sure he's famous. For a Hollywood resident, I'm pretty terrible at putting a famous name to its face.

He's complaining about how much of a dick he is and I walk up behind them, tapping him on the shoulder. I dunno whether to be angry with him or not.

"Wha-? Oh, hey," he mutters, seeing me there.

"Worth more than a rebound fuck, hmm?" I arch an eyebrow slightly, "care to tell me why you punched tonight's sex, please." I cross my arms, ignoring the other guy, waiting impatiently for some kind of explanation. 


The End

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