"Yes." I led her back to my home. I hope the guys don't miss us at the club.

When we reached the house I lifted Annie up and she giggled. I carried her to the bedroom, laying her on the bed. She tried to pull me down with her but I pushed her back. Stripping off her dress i kissed each available piece of skin as it became visible. Once again she tried to bring me to her but I pushed her back. She pouted. I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"Patience Annie. It will be worth it."

I stood in front of her and slowly pulled the zip at the front of my dress down, watching her eyes glow in the dark. She looked so tempting in her little lacy bra and pants. When i stood in just my underwear in front of her, I crept on to the bed, teasingly trailing my fingertips up her legs, pausing before reaching her pants, and instead going back to her foot. She groaned. Grinning i massaged the instep of her foot. She giggled.


"I thought you'd like that." Hello Dark Side. I crept back up, my hands on her thighs. I kissed her stomach and she arched. I wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her up to me. Her hand began wandering down and I let it, feeling her teasing before reaching my pants. I buried my head in her chest, undoing her bra and letting her breasts fall in to my hands. She groaned and I felt her hand slip in to my pants. And here I felt my dark side begin to take control. I pushed her roughtly back on the bed and went with her, so her hand was still in my pants. I fluttered my lips across her chest, making her arch and shudder. And then my hand slid down. Before she could begin touching me I was in her pants and she groaned with pleasure. She gave up all attempts and let me have my way. I felt her shuddering, and let go of all control, letting the dark side rule.

Let's hope she likes my dark side.

The End

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