Cayden: Killer Right HookMature

“So why exactly have I been dragged to this little place?” Pete asked, looking doubtfully at the club.

“Think about it, Pete. You’re a big time star. Big time stars go to flashy expensive bars. The press wait for them outside of these flashy expensive bars. Now, do you see anyone with a camera here?” I said, stood by the door, waiting for Pete to get his ass inside.

“I knew there was a reason I liked you” he said with a grin.


Why did he have to be so persuadable? God, why did I even come back here? I was having a great night with Pete, I even managed to get Maxxie off my mind and then boom, there he is. Sat at the bar with some brunette guy. They were just talking, no big deal. And then they were dancing. Still no big deal. Pete chattered away to me and I found my focus drifting away from Maxxie again.

“Something interesting over there?” Pete asked, evidently noticing that I’d been constantly checking Maxxie’s general direction.

“One night stand, y’know?”

“Man, that’s rough. Drown your sorrows?” Pete pushed a shot glass towards me.

“Why the hell not” I grinned and threw back whatever was in the glass.

The liquid ran down my throat, leaving the familiar burn behind it. But whatever that shit was was strong. The burn from that bitch would’ve made lesser men choke. Hell, it made Pete cough and spit out what little he hadn’t swallowed. It was when I was laughing at Pete that I noticed Maxxie and this brunette guy.

“Pete, I’m about to do something extremely stupid” I said with clenched teeth.

Pete sobered immediately. “Cayden, what are you talking about?”

“You know that one night stand? Well, he’s over there. And I think I’m about to go murder the guy whose tongue’s down his throat” I said, standing up.

I would’ve taken a step forward but Pete, who was easily a foot shorter than me, had a hold of my shoulders. “Cay, chill man. You said it was just a one night stand, right?”. I nodded. “Then it shouldn’t bother you”.

“I guess you’re right, man. C’mon, let’s OH HELL NO!”

This brunette guy, whoever the fuck he was, had his hands all over Maxxie’s ass. Before Pete had a chance to stop me, I wrenched my shoulders out of his grip and charged the fuck over there. Maxxie was too busy with this guy’s mouth to notice.

“Back the fuck up!” I shouted over the music. It’s a miracle they even heard me.

“Cayden?” Maxxie asked, almost in disbelief.

“You, I can tell from one look at you you’re just after a rebound fuck. Maxxie’s worth more than that” I growled.

“And who are you?” the brunette guy asked, slurring a couple letters.

“None of your goddamn business”.

He shrugged and turned his attention back to Maxxie and his mouth. I grabbed this guy’s shoulder and before he knew it my fist had collided with his face. I felt Pete throw an arm around my shoulders and start dragging me outside. “Cay, c’mon, you gotta go”.

The second the cold night air hit my face I realised what I’d done. “Ugh, I’m such a dick!” I shouted.

“Yeah but you’re a dick with a killer right hook” Pete laughed.

The End

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