Annie: Oh crapMature

Bitch. Rosalita's finally showing me what she's got and guess who shows up? Yes, Rosalits's cast out Sherena.

"Open the fucking door" Sherena shouts pounding the door. I know we should open it but I'm just coming out of bliss and one of Rosalita's hands are still down my pants.

"What should we do?" I mouth. Rosalita presses her finger from her other hand to my lips again and I quieten. She pulls away and I feel like moaning. Yes, I'm that childish.

Rosalita moves out of the cubicle. "Sherena.... what do you want" Rosalita asks. She's trying to remain calm. I don't think I'm the only one still excited.

"Who is it in there? What whore did you get?" Sherena hisses.

"Whore" I gasped shocked then clamp a hand over my mouth. Sherena shoves past Rosalita and is standing in the door frame of the cubicle.

"Her" Sherena shouts. "You're making out with your best friend"

"Its more then that now" I mutter. "I've always felt for her like this" I twirl a curl of my hair round my finger.

"Bitch" Sherena shouts and punches at me. I duck and bring my knee up into her chest.

"Don't you dare hit me" I hiss grabbing her neck and pushing her up against the cubicle wall.

Sherena and Rosalita stare at me shocked and I remember that they have only seen nice side of me. I let go of Sherena's neck and race out of the bathroom and the club.

I go down the alley. "Annie!" I turn to see Rosalita running after me. I wait till she's standing in front of me gasping. "Don't worry about her" She says finally smiling.

I burst out into tears and Rosalita pulls me to her hugging me and shushing me quietly. I look up and meet her eyes.

She leans down and kisses me pressing me back against the alley wall. "Want to skip the club?" I ask gasping.

The End

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