It was strange that the last few hours were a blur. Well, some parts weren't a blur. Some stood very clearly in my mind...and the best part is it isn't wrong to think about her like that. I watched her as we walked to the club, the way her hair fell around her cute face, the way her lips curled when she smiled, and felt stupid that I'd never realised how I felt before. She caught me looking just outside the club. The smile I had just been studying intently widened and she stopped, leaning against the wall and pulling me to her. I let her lips trail over mine, searching for attention. I held out for a while, making her want it more, until she began to pout and I crushed her lips under mine. She gasped at how passionate I was. So far, she had only seen one side of me, the caring calm side, but soon she would see my other side. My dark side, that was what my first girlfriend called it. I liked my dark side.

We broke apart and after catching our breath, went inside. I ordered drinks and then sat on one of the sofas in the corner of the club. Annie sat on my knee, her hand playing with the fishnet holes in my tights. After a while just sat like this, I shifted her unwillingly to go to the toilet. When i came out of the cubicle, she was waiting for me. I smiled.

"Couldn't wait?"

"No." She brushed past me as she went in to the cubicle, holding the door open. I paused, then grinning I walked in with her. She locked the door, then turned to me, biting her lip. And suddenly we were kissing, my tongue in her mouth, her hand rubbing my chest. My hands slid down, she gasped, her hands now down the top of my dress. Her head rolled back. Then the bang of the door interrupted us. I put my finger to her lips.

"Rosa!! I know you're in there!!" Sherena. Oh shit.

The End

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