Annie: Life is BlissMature

I wake up to a phone going off. It's Rosalita's. I roll over to see her pick it up and swear. "Who is it?" I mumble.

"Shit, Its.... you know" Rosalita mutters. I moan and roll over. Rosalita gets up and walks off to talk to her. Then she comes back over. "She..... she didn't take that so well..... she might be coming to the club"

"Then I'll be there to fight for you" I say jumping up. Rosalita smiles and pulls me into a kiss. I kiss her back. God, I've been needing this. "Time to get ready"

I step out of her arms and walk to my clothes pile. I pull out a dress.... a tight one. I turn and face Rosalita. She herself is wearing a nice dress like always.

"Ready to go?" She asks. I smile pulling her into a hug and kiss her lightly.

"Now I'm ready" I tease. She smiles at me mischievously then we link arms and walk out of the apartment.

Rosalita makes jokes and I laugh to them happily. We make our way back to the same club we went to last night. And I'm squealling inside with delight. I can't help it. I'm finally with her.

The End

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