Maxxie:let the evening unfoldMature

Somehow, I managed to get through the day smiling and being bubbly the way I always am at work, in spite of my hangover and the ridiculous crushing disappointment that I wasn't on top of things enough to be my persuasive self when Cayden was attempting to leave.

As I'm closing up, I, for some stupid reason, want to go back to that club. Between needing another stiff drink to end the day and it being a favorite haunt of mine, I was shamelessly hoping that Cayden might turn up and that I might find a way to change his mind.

Or at the very least he would pick me up as his drunk for the night again.

So... that would be why I'm here again at the bar, looking around hoping Cayden might be there. Or even that blonde guy that was getting wasted. Y'know, I'm sure we took him back with us, but... I can't remember so good. He wasn't involved in the sex, though, that's for sure. Shame, really. I haven't had a good threesome in ages.

I give myself a mental slap. Stop being such a whore, Maxxie!

Anyways, I take my seat at the bar and order few vodka shots to get me going, just waiting to see how the evening unfolds.


The End

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