She loves me? I sat stunned on the bed, staring at the door Annie had just ran through. No, she's in love with me. I rose from the bed in a daze and knocked on the door to the bathroom.


There was a pause and then the door opened. She stood looking down at her feet like some naughty teenager. If only she'd look up.

"Annie?" I say again. She peeks up through her eyelashes, and at that moment I knew what I thought of her loving me. It was like a bolt of lightening had hit me, and I relished ever second of the strike.  I put my finger under her chin, lifting it up, and then kissing her softly on the lips. She froze, and then after a second, her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled me closer. Her lips responded to mine and the kissing became more frantic. I pushed her back against the door, her arms above her head.

"I love you too." I said before continuing to kiss her soft, beautiful lips. All this time and I'd never even noticed. And here I was, in love with my best friend.

The End

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