Cane- Celebration.Mature

The first thing I do when I get a part, is call Drew, and thank her, and against ll odds, I actually got the part of the play-doh's voice! I had money again! The add shooting was in four days time. Drew was proud, very proud, and that made me proud, so I had to celebrate.

I never thought I would ever return to last night's pub, but I did. Maybe I was simply overwhelmed with pride. I sat at the corner of the table trying to look as invisible as possible.

"Another BMW?" The bar tender recognized me from last night.

"Nope! Today I'm celebrating!" I answered

"Are you celebrating....being gay?" He asked sarcastically.

"No!" I looked at him sheepishly, "I'm celebrating getting a part in an add."

"Good! So what should I get you?"

"A cold beer."

"Good choice." He chuckled.”Better than last night, that’s for sure.” I felt my face go hot. I barely remembered what happened last night.

I sat at the corner trying hard to remain invisible, sipping the cool bear. I know it was a sad way to celebrate, but I really knew no body to celebrate with. Just me, alone.

I looked at the crowd dancing the evening stress away. A part of me hopped the blonde guy I had hazily seen last night would be there, but I didn't like part. It was growing too strong for my liking. I pushed it out of mind, and continued sipping the beer, trying hard to remain invisible in the corner of the bar, staring at the ceiling, getting lost in my own thoughts.


The End

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