Annie: TerribleMature

I felt terrible. I jumped up and ran to the spare room where I'm sleeping for a while. I slam the door shut and begin to cry. I regret sleeping with Kaitlin.

Rosalita obviously doesn't with this girl..... what was her name? Sherena? Yeah, I think that was it.

I walk over and curl up on my bed then begin to cry. Not heavily of course. That would totally destroy the tiny bit of make up I'm wearing.

I hear talking in the hallway..... a pause, then talking again and finally the slam of the door. Sherena has left.

Thank the heavens. She has no right to be her the slut...... ouch, am I really that angry its not like I have a claim over Rosalita or anything.

I roll over and scream into my pillow hitting the bed. I know I'm not a kid anymore but I still do it. It makes me feel a lot better and helps me get my anger out at something.

I hear the door creek open. "Annie" Rosalita sighs. "What's wrong seriously? You've never acted this upset when a time's felt wrong"

"Both me and my best friend haven't slept with a girl on a first night...... I only did it cause I was already upset and stone cold drunk" I roll over and fold my arms across my chest.

Rosalita sits at the end of the bed and I sit up myself at the top, legs folded as well as my arms.

"Tell me please Annie. You can tell me everything" She says. I take a deep breath. And look up at her.

I turn and slide my feet to the floor getting ready to run once I've said it. "I'm in love with you" I whisper then take off going to the bathroom and locking the door behind me.

The End

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