Cayden: Sleeping BeautyMature

Just as I’d expected, the sexy blonde whose name I didn’t know and didn’t really have any intention of sticking around long enough to find out was wasted out of his mind and was pretty much jumping into my lap. Not literally, of course, even drunk people sometimes manage to keep their decency. The other blonde seemed to have passed out, which was a shame because it would have been nice to get a decent view of his face. And then Sexy went and fell off his stool. To say it wasn’t cute would have been an outrageous lie.

And then he said the golden words: "Come back to mine with me?"

I watched as Sexy drunkenly tried to wake up Blondie to no avail. He giggled a little and I couldn’t help but smile. This was getting too easy. Sexy looked at me, eyes foggy from his drunken stupor, still waiting for an answer. I smiled seductively again and crushed my lips to his, forcing my tongue into his mouth. I felt him smile and had to resist the urge to grin. I pulled away and he giggled again.

“You’re not a bad kisser” I said without realizing I’d said it. I leant forward, my cheek brushing against his and my lips against his ear, and whispered “I bet you’re a lot better at something else, though”.

A low groan came from Blondie and interrupted the moment, much to my annoyance. Sexy tried to pull Blondie up, which was an admirable action considering he could barely stand up himself. I faked a sigh and slung Blondie’s arm over my shoulder. Evidently he was awake enough to stumble out of the place with me as a support.

                                        *                       *                      *

 By some miracle we made it back to Sexy’s place. Normally I’d take a quick glance around but this guy Blondie was heavy as fuck. I dropped him onto Sexy’s couch and heard him grunt in displeasure. Within seconds Sexy was hanging off my side, tugging on my shirt in an effort to get me to the bedroom. I glanced back at Blondie, making sure he wouldn’t choke if he passed out then turned my attention back to Sexy, that same smile pressed to my face again.

“I think Sleeping Beauty’ll be alright on his own for a while” I said and let Sexy pull me to his room.

                                        *                       *                      *

I woke up at the sound of someone shouting. I looked around, noticing Sexy curled into my side. I smiled a little sadly before slipping silently out of bed. This was how I usually did things; woke up, got dressed, left for work and never had to deal with whoever I’d slept with again. So why did I feel so rough about this guy? Ah well, a night out with Alex and the other All Time Low guys should cheer me up. I’d thrown my jeans back on and was searching for my shirt when I heard Sexy stir.

“Going somewhere?” he asked sleepily.

“Uh… I’ve got to get to work. I… I’ll see you around” I said, finding my shirt and slipping it on, not bothering to fasten the buttons.

“Hey, why don’t we meet up at the club tonight?” was what I wanted to say. But instead I said my goodbyes, and walked out of the mysteriously open front door with a small wave. The second the door was shut I leant against the wall with my head in my hands. “Cayden, you’re a fucking asshole”.

The End

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