"I have to go babe," i said sitting up in the bed. "Annie's upset."

"Do you have to?" I felt Sherena stroke my back.

"Yeah hon, she needs me. I'm her best friend." I leaned across and kissed her, feeling her attatch herself to me again. I gently pushed her away. I jumped off the bed and slipped my shorts and a red top on, brushing through my hair and grabbing my keys.

"See you in a bit!" Ishouted as i closed the door.

When I reached the house Annie had told me about she was standing outside, deshevelled and crying. I ran out of the car and hugged her.

"Oh my darling! Come on, let's get you home!" She fell in to my car and sat shivering. "What did she do?"

"N-nothing. It just, didn't feel right."

"It's alright babe. Sometimes that happens." I felt like screaming at her. What were you doing??? Why would you go with her??

We sat in silence until we reached my house. Annie had been staying there for a few nights so her stuff was here anyway. We walked inside and I sat her on the sofa.

"Here," I grabbed some orange juice off the side, "this will help." She gulped some down, then cleared out her throat. "What were you thinking Annie?" I said stroking her hair.

"Rosa, I, I..."



"Rosa?" Sherena came out of the bedroom, wearing just her underwear. "Oh, sorry. Are you alright Annie?"

Annie just stared at Sherena, who shifted uncomfortably and went to get some clothes on.

"What was I thinking? What were you thinking Rosa?"

"What do you mean?"

"You only just met her!"

"You only just met Kaitlin!" I paused. Be fair. Annie looked as if she was going to cry again.

The End

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