Annie: Late NightMature

"One, Two, Three" Kaitlin and I down our shots then I begin coughing. Kaitlin laughs and stumble's into me.

"How about you come back to mine?" She whispers in my ear. I'm too drunk to think and smile at her.

"Okay then" I whisper. We call a taxi and stumble into it. She puts her hand on my thigh then rubs her hand up and down.

She then leans in and kisses me. "God that's hot" says the driver. Kaitlin pushes me back and I lie down on the taxi seat. Kaitlin stradles my hip and continues kissing me.

I don't know what to do? I'm drunk and that should help but this still doesn't feel right. The taxi stops and Kaitlin gets off pulling me on to my feet. She pays the driver and we stumble out.

She pulls me towards an apartment block and down the hallway into an apartment on the ground floor.

She opens the door and walks inside as soon as I close the door Kaitlin pulls me to the sofa. She pushes me back onto it and stradles my hips again. She kisses me hard on the mouth.

She pulls at my dress pulling it down revealling my light white lacey bra. Then most of it is just a blur and I'm ashamed to say I was picturing Rosalita the whole night.


I wake up and dress quickly. I need to get out. I quickly move out of the apartment and pull out my phone.

I dial Rosalita. "Rosa.... I need you to pick me up" I say when she answers.

Of course she agrees and I feel ashamed when she asked for the address. Of course she know's what happened. She's my best friend even though I want it to be more.

The End

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