Cane - Where?Mature

It’s not the best thing when you expect to wake up in a bar, and you land up getting, I don’t know where. I rubbed my eyes, and looked about. I was pretty sure I was  in someone else’s house. Why was I on their sofa? I felt panicked and checked to see if my clothes were in order. Yes, they were good. I hadn’t done anything shameful. Thank God.

It was five sharp, and I needed to leave. I could not afford to be late, but I needed to know where I was. I looked around the rooms a bit, till I stumbled upon one which had people in it. Two guys...asleep....on the same bed....naked....

“AHHHH!!!!” I yelled, as I ran out of the room and towards the front door, my entire face was burning. I yanked open the door, before running the hell out of there, forgetting to close it behind me. I completely ignored the hangover, and ran towards a cab stand.

“Barber street, S.M.Studios, NOW!!” I yelled. I had no clue why I was so panicked. Not like they did anything to me. But I couldn’t help the pounding in my chest.

I’ll have to wash up at the bathroom there.” I thought, as I tried to catch my breath.

The End

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