Maxxie: sexy manMature



"C-Cayden?" Hello handsome. He nods and his already sexy smile widens slightly, almost invitingly. I glance at the guy next to me and I think he just passed out or something. If I was more sober, I'd be worried and sort him out, but as it is, I've very nearly drunk myself senseless.

Which is why I turn to this sexy, sexy man who calls himself Cayden and grin stupidly.

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" I ask and laugh myself stupid, slipping off my stool. I giggle like an idiot, "ow".

"Hey, you alright there?" Cayden helps me up and sits me back on the stool.

"I'm fine," I'm still giggling, "who wouldn't be... be fine with an angel?" I slur the last few words so badly that even I have a hard time understanding what's coming out of my mouth. "OHMIGOD!" I squeal, "you're so hot," I slump over the bar slightly as I wave the bartender over.

"I think you've had enough," Cayden laughs, waving the bartender away again. I whine, but don't argue. If the sexy man wants it, the sexy man gets it.

"Come back to mine with me?" the words tumble out of my mouth, uninvited, "we can bring him too, look," I point to the blondie next to me. 


The End

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