Cayden: That Lazy SmileMature

I sat at the bar with a lazy smile pressed to my lips. My reflection in the near-empty glass in front of me showed the smoke in my slate grey eyes which could only mean one thing: I was going home with someone tonight. I felt someone nudge my arm and looked round. My smile grew when I remembered who I was bar hopping with tonight: Alex fucking Gaskarth. Some of the other guys from All Time Low were there but they were all caught up in something else. I swear to God I even saw Gabe Saporta at one point.

“Cay, c’mon, this place blows” he said with a tipsy smile.

I threw back the last of my drink and pushed myself off the barstool. We’d been bar hopping for a couple hours now and boy, Alex can handle his liquor. He was hardly sober but at least he could stand up without support, unlike some of the others. Alex threw his arm round my shoulder and started leading me out of the bar.

The bar we ended up moving on to was very them. Blink 182 was pounding over the sound system and everything just looked punky. I glanced round at the other people in the bar and sighed; no one was nearly drunk enough for consideration. I sighed again and got Alex’s attention, which was no easy task considering he and Jack (that’s Jack Barakat, people) were bellowing whatever Blink song was playing into each other’s faces.

“Uh, Alex, I think I’m gonna head off. This place isn’t really my scene” I said, trying to cover up the fakeness of my voice, and doing it damn well I might add.

“Oh, you sure?” he asked, sounding genuinely upset.

I nodded solemnly.

“Sucks, man. Well, you’ve got my number, right? We should hang out again sometime” he said with a huge grin, before turning his attention back to Jack and the others.

I said a few quick goodbyes to some of the other guys and headed off to a lesser known bar. No matter the time of day there was always drunk people sat in there. Exactly what I was after. I shimmied in, the lust clearly showing in my smoky eyes as I ruffled my hair. A few girls glanced at me but I didn’t give them a seconds thought. I wasn’t that desperate yet. Besides, there were plenty of cute guys within eyeshot.

“TO HELL WITH BEING STRAIGHT!” someone shouted from the bar.

I spotted the owner of the voice just as a sexy as guy with messed up blonde hair sat next to him. I felt the lazy smile creep back onto my lips as the two of them swallowed back the strongest drink in the place. I slunk over and sat next to the blonde I had my eye on, who was already pretty wasted.

“Hey,” I said, the lazy smile taking on a more seductive form, “I’m Cayden”.

The End

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