Maxxie: I'll drink to thatMature



"TO HELL WITH BEING STRAIGHT!" Well, I'll drink to that. Since the girls are all having fun without me, and I'm a depraved sexual stalker looking for anyone to make me a happy guy for the rest of the night, I wander over to the guy at the bar knocking back drink after drink.

"You took the words right outta my mouth," I smile, sitting on a stool beside him. I turn to the bartender and gesture at the glass in the guy's hand, "I'll have whatever he's having." The guy looks... well. Too drunk to keep his head up, at any rate. He's sort of hunched over the bar, focused only on his drink. Til he notices me.

When he looks up, I see he has blonde hair and green eyes. Just like me. I giggle and point it out and he just kinda mumbles something I don't hear over the music.

"Cheer up man, there's nothing wrong with being gay," I smile, putting my arm over his shoulders as the bartender slams a glass down in front of me. "It's a hell of a lot better than being straight." I'll drink to that too. I lift the glass to my lips and let the night blur. 


The End

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